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Further information: Clostridioides difficile infection Fecal microbiota transplant is approximately 85 percent to 90 percent effective in those for whom antibiotics have not worked or in whom the disease recurs following antibiotics.

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Jump to Navigation Anal Stenosis and Anorectal Malformations My 3 month old daughter was diagnosed with anal stenosis after several bouts of stool infrequency, two of which lasted ten days without a bowel movement.

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But it can also raise a bunch of intimate questions you might feel too embarrassed to ask, well, anyone.

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She'd been the first person I'd thought of when I knew I'd have to get someone to share an apartment.


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" "The letter-" I started, but he brushed his fingers across my pussy, preventing me from breathing at all for a few seconds.

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They just didn't want to deal with the snow anymore.

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Who didn't have the decency to act embarrassed or apologize-even if she wasn't sincere-for cheating when she got caught.

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One hand fisted in my hair while the other massaged my breast, his thumb going to work on soothing my nipple.

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When he returned, he turned on the other lamp by my side of the bed.

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It definitely hadn't been like this in my head.

It was the latter when I heard the front door open and close and could see the hallway light turn on under my closed door.

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